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“Man Before 30”

Posted in poetry on February 16, 2011 by brotonite


Man Before 30,” a poem, appears in the new issue (#10) of the Bicycle Review.  J. de Salvo edits this cool e-zine.  Check them out!


“Decency In A Digital Age”

Posted in poetry on February 14, 2011 by brotonite

Decency In A Digital Age,” a poem, appeared in Volume 7.10 of Gnome: the Online Journal of Underground Writing.  John Erianne edits this journal.  Check them out!

I’m not sure when this appeared, but I’ve actually sent the poem out since 11/09 (when I sent it here).  But I’m actually glad.  Though it has been edited slightly since, the last line (as published) was actually a ninja edit I added before hitting send.

New Poem in Thieves Jargon

Posted in poetry on February 8, 2011 by brotonite

Just In Case the Wife’s Tale Is Real: Advice for the Novice Adulterer Courtesy of Bob in the Meat Department,” a poem, appears in issue #204 of Thieves Jargon.  Dan Scannell edits this awesome journal.


I’m just glad someone finally got past the title and took a chance on publishing it…

Two Poems In 4&20

Posted in poetry on February 8, 2011 by brotonite


For Winter” and “(Life) In The Fear Of Others, Pt. X,” two poems, appear in Issue One of Volume Four from Four & Twenty.  Vinnie Kinsella edits this wonderful e-zine that focuses on a unique poetic form.  Check them out!