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Creation,” a poem, appeared in the first issue of The Conium Review (Vol. 1 No. 1).  It looks like it has a lot of interesting writing here.  You should check it out!


Nice Little Blurb @ The Review Review

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Pushcart Nomination #2

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Just got news that my poem, “The Marionette,” was nominated for a pushcart by Rhonda Parrish at Niteblade. I am honored to have had this piece nominated for the prestigious award. Thanks to Ms. Parrish!

Coats & Ties

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I’m not going to necessarily move post-for-post from my fun-blog over to here, but starting with my next publication (poem in  Breadcrumb Scabs or two in Zygote) I’ll start listing them here with their own post.

Preposthumous Poetry & Stuffz will resume Monday July 6th @ Big Boy Ate The Cheeto.

Time-Waster Friday postings may also have a comeback there.