Two Poems In The Adroit Journal

Posted in poetry on September 27, 2011 by brotonite

“By The Busy Road” and ” Soft Exit into Dawn,” two poems, appear in the second issue of The Adroit Journal.  It’s available as a PDF for a donation of $10, or as a DOC through mediafire.  Peter LeBerge is the editor of this up-and-coming journal.  Check them out!


“Our Once And Future Enemy”

Posted in poetry on August 26, 2011 by brotonite

Our Once And Future Enemy,” a poem, appears in the newest issue of The Aroostook Review.  Geraldine Cannon Becker is editor-in-chief of this wonderful annual publication.  Check them out!

*Link for excrement-stirrers

Two Poems In Full Of Crow Poetry

Posted in poetry on July 16, 2011 by brotonite

By A Baker’s Hand” and “The Thing That Should Not Be,” two poems, appear in the July 2011 issue of Full Of Crow:  Poetry.  Aleathia Drehmer is poetry editor of this wonderful online experience.  Check It Out!

“Harold Picks Betty Up From Visiting Her Folks In Portland”

Posted in poetry on June 26, 2011 by brotonite

“Harold Picks Betty Up From Visiting Her Folks In Portland,” a poem, appears in the Spring/Summer 2011 (Issue #10) of Askew.  Marsha De La O and Phil Taggart edit this cool journal.  Check Them Out!

Three Poems In Subliminal Interiors

Posted in poetry on June 9, 2011 by brotonite

“The Rush To See The End,” “A Short Film Of Our Marriage,” and “Uncomfortable Silence,” three poems, appear in the current (June 2011) issue of Subliminal Interiors. Lisa Minner edits this cool journal. Check It Out!

Four Poems For A Good Cause

Posted in poetry on June 9, 2011 by brotonite

“Out of Natural,” “In The Days When Blocks Were For Tires, And The Dusk Chose A Sideways Approach,” “In the Ghost Hours,” and “The Old Man’s Sweet,” four poems (Two previously published in SFW, One published in Black Petals, and One previously unpublished (In The Ghost Hours)) appeared in a special revival of Southern Fried Weirdness called: Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction. Proceeds benefit the Red Cross (who will hopefully put the money to good use down south) T.J. McIntyre is the editor behind this beautiful collection.

NaPoWriMo Complete

Posted in poetry on May 1, 2011 by brotonite

For the next year, I think, I’ll keep it up for reading. Thanks for reading, or finding me because of the pictures of sausage and Smokey & The Bandit….lol!