Two Poems In GEM #22

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Fast, Furious” and “Acute Angles Of Ecstasy,” two poems, appear in the newest issue of Gutter Eloquence Magazine (#22).  Jack T. Marlowe edits this awesome journal.  You should really check it out!




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Creation,” a poem, appeared in the first issue of The Conium Review (Vol. 1 No. 1).  It looks like it has a lot of interesting writing here.  You should check it out!

We Pay In Dollar Coins

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We Pay In Dollar Coins, a poem, appears in the current issue (#20) of Gutter Eloquence Magazine.  Jack T. Marlowe edits the outstanding venue for undergroundish poets.  Check It Out!

“The Slow Death Of Sight”

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“The Slow Death Of Sight,” a poem, appears in Issue #56 of Durable Goods.  Aleathia Drehmer crafts this awesome tiny journal.  Check it out!

Two Poems In Niteblade

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The Marionette” and “The Poltergeist,” two poems, appear in the December 2011 Issue (#18) of Niteblade.   Rhonda Parrish edits this wonderful journal.  Check it out! “The Marionette” is a reprint from a previous issue of the journal.

Two Poems In GEM #18

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Clown Face” and “Topics Of Discussion,” two poems, appear in the latest issue (#18) of Gutter Eloquence Magazine.  Jack T. Marlowe is the man behind this awesome journal.  Check Them Out!

“Rails To Trails”

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“Rails To Trails,” a poem appears in the newest issue (#4) of Big Lucks.  Laura S. was a very kind editor to hear from.  Cool stuff.  Check them out!